Garden Spiders

featuredAs almost every Tuesday, I had my 10 year-old niece over for an English class. These past weeks I’ve tried to find more creative ways to add words to her English vocabulary and to practice the things we have learned together by working on some DIY garden decoration projects. This week it was a cute spider web garden decoration that I found on one of the numerous blogs and websites listing creative summer projects for children.

If you have a garden to decorate and you lack ideas to keep your child(ren) occupied during the weekend, do follow the link I’ve listed below for the spider web project. If, like myself, you have no kids and no garden, but you have a charming little balcony populated by multicolored flowers and budding tomatoes and other small veggies, just make slightly enlarged versions of the spider for decoration. You can use colorful  jewelry wire and beads for more exotic type spiders and attach them on the edge of your flower pots or on the tomato stakes. I made three, two of which will be company to Ignacio, our pet spider who’s been dwelling on our larger balcony since we’ve moved in.

This was so much fun to make that I have decided to add some more color and cheer to my balcony and make it even cozier. My next project, butterflies…















Have a cheerful day!

Spider web garden project



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