Knitted Bridal Bouquet In a Nutshell

About three months ago, I received a message through my Facebook page from someone who had seen my brooches and who wished to have a bridal bouquet of knitted flowers. The wedding was to take place at the end of January, so that left me with quite some time to work on this project and be able at the same time to honor the occasional orders that were coming through my online store.

As the bride had ocollage_1nly a vague idea about what her bouquet would look like, I pretty much started with a clean slate and the two of us were able to come up with some general guidelines for this project. I started off by knitting up a number of different types of flowers (roses, carnations, butterccollage_2ups, poppies and tulips) in combinations of white, light gray and pink. As she had a clear preference for the tulips, they were to become the main piece of the composition. And I was quite happy with this choice because tulips happen to be my favorite flowers, as well.

Knitting tulips is quite the thing, because there are two sets of petals, worked separately and sewn together after the zillions of hanging yarns have been woven in. Also, for the flowers to have a nice finished look, one needs so think about garnishing the interior as well. For my tulips, I simply sewed some gray seed beads on the inside.  In addition, all the flowers need to have solid stalks so they might be bunched up in a bouquet. I achieved this by adding some solid wire to keep the stalks straight and by threading fine silver wire through each and every petal. After I had worked out this part as well, all there was left to do finished_bouquet_16was figure out how to give it that round finished_bouquet_7bridal bouquet shape and generally how to make it look like some kick-ass experienced professional florist was at work on this.

I added some tiny buttercups embellished with pearls to fill the empty spaces, I folded some fine lace and arranged it in the round at the base of the flower heads and stitched it in place by adding some more tiny pearls. I dressed the bunched up stalks with white ribbon that I fastened with pearl-headed pins. And voilà the outcome. Share your thoughts, critical or of praise. And do have the nicest weekend!!finished_bouquet_2


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