A Teddy Bear Named Bobby


I knit for fun, for friends and sometimes for sale and this is the first ever teddy bear I knitted. I hope it’s still being hugged by the little boy who got it as a present, although I’m afraid he’s getting too old to be dragging his pet toys along with him everywhere he goes.

 Kids are funny when it comes to choosing their favorite pet toys, aren’t they? Most of the times, it’s not even a toy, but some random everyday object that is most appealing for a reason perfectly unknown to any adult. bobby_bearOften times parents think they have their kid figured out – favorite color, favorite animal and all that – so that they have a certitude about the perfect cuddly toy to get to their child. And they put hours into searching for the right color, the right size, the perfect, ever so soft-to-the-touch fabric and when they finally present it to their kid, it looks at it with puzzled eyes, sometimes even starts to cry and then walks away and picks up a dishcloth and hugs it to itself announcing in some all-summarizing baby-talk that they found their best friend for life.

bobby_bear_3But isn’t this bear just the cutest ever? I know you are looking at it and figuring there are about four kids that you know who could not possibly not accept this teddy bear in their contingent of toys and even make it their favorite in no time. See, you’re thinking with adults’ minds. I say you should get one of these for yourself and if some kid comes to your house and picks it up and doesn’t want to leave without it, I will have been proven wrong and you WILL have given a kid the perfect gift. ;o)

Actually, just drop a line if you have something to say about this teddy bear or your kids’ favorite color or animal or all of that at once. Also, if you would like to see my other knitted toys, click here.

 Cheers and have a nice weekend!


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