Orange pomegranate salad with a tinge of vanilla


This delicious fruit salad is quite easy to make and it finishes off a long dinner in a very agreeable fashion, as it is light and fresh at the same time. Making this salad is a collaborative effort in our house, as my husband enjoys carving out the orange supremes to the point of having turned it into an art. I am the one to give it the finishing touch by adding the pomegranate grains and the vanilla.


  • allow for one orange per person and then add one more to the final count,
  • one half or an entire pomegranate (depending on how much you like the extra crunch in your fruit salad) and
  • half a pod of vanilla.

vanilla_podsA while ago we have been lucky to receive about fifteen pods of vanilla, so we’ve been making this salad quite a lot these past weeks. Pomegranates are in season till the end of February, so you still have time to enjoy this dessert. When pomegranates are out of reach, think about mixing oranges with other fruits or other kinds of citrus fruits (grapefruits for a tinge of bitterness or blood oranges for the aesthetics of it). Otherwise you can just as well make a simple orange salad and serve it with some airy home made sponge cake.

If you want to learn a few simple facts about pomegranates, click me.

Read some interesting things about vanilla by clicking me.

Useful tip: if you have ever tried to unsuccessfully open a pomegranate without redecorating your entire kitchen, you might be interested in this useful trick I picked up from Nigella Lawson. Cut your pomegranate in two, hold one half over a dish and whack it with the back of a wooden spoon until most of the grains fall out. The remaining grains will be easily detachable from the shell.

I hope you enjoyed this very simple recipe I wanted to share with you and stay tuned as I will be back with more.

Cheers and have a nice day!


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